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N- Fiberglass tissue
GFT-1-13 Facing tissue:
Fiberglass facing tissue iS a newly excellent basic matedal used in the ostentatious material of mineral wool.board.glass wall.1t has capability like uniform fiber dispersion,smooth surface,well- distributed thickness,easily coated by various painting and good fire proof.
Size:20g/㎡ to 100g/㎡
Color:white or black color

GRT-3-13 Roofing Tissue:
Fiberglass roofing tissue is mainly used as excellent substrates for water-proof roofing materials.1t has good capability like high tenslle strength,corrosion resistance,easy soaKage by bitumen,and so on.The
longitudinal strength and tear resistance can be improved further by incorporating reinforcements into the tissue across its whole width.The water-proof roofi ng tissue
made of this substrates iS not easily to crack, ageing and rot.Other advantages of waterp. roof roofing tissue are high strength,excellent uniformity,good weathering quality,and leaking resistance.

GTD-2-13 Tissue tape 50mm×25m
Black tissue
GWT-4-13 Pipe warp tissue:
Fiberglass pipe wrap tissue iS mainly used as basic material for anti-corrosion wrapping on steel pipelines for oil or gas transportation.1t iS well compatible with impregnating bitumen and coal tar enamel.The oil and gas pipelines wrapped by tissue can widely improve
capabilities against leakage and aggressive media in the environment so that the cost can be minimized significantly.

G-ST-5-13 FRP Surfacing Tissue:

Fiberglass surfacing tissue is mainly used for the surface layers of FRP products.1t has good capability like fiber dispersion,smooth surface, low binder content.fast resin impregnation and good mould obedience.It is capable of significantly improving the strength of FPR
surface layer,strong impaction resistance, excellent uniformity of surface,good covering up the texture of under layers and good corrosion resistance.
AII the set of production lines impoded from Germany.

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